Branding and Corporate Photography

Branding & Corporate Photography


Branding Defines What Your Company Is

The adage goes: ‛You only get one chance to make that first impression.’ Your website is no different. Simply put, Branding Photography is a very specialized type of corporate photography that defines, in a single photo, who you are and what you do. The images you promote are your potential client’s first touchpoint for any online interaction. PhotoCadieux takes great care in making you feel confident that your photos project the image you want…the image your business needs.

To achieve this requires special planning. PhotoCadieux will consult with you and visit your place of business beforehand to help design a development plan of what you want your pictures to project.

Professional headshots and group company photography is another service provided. Every business can benefit from professionally photographed employee portraits. This photography is perfect for marketing material including websites, annual reports, and brochures.

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